Our Philosophy

What is REACH ?
REACH is a rigorous summer enrichment program for academically talented African-American middle school young men and college undergraduates.

The five-week, tuition-free program for middle school boys is challenging and is designed to teach boys lessons concerning focus, thoughtfulness, creativity, persistence, determination, courage, resilience and excellence.

The program accommodates up to 100 students who are chosen for REACH at the end of their 5th grade year and remain enrolled for three consecutive summers. In addition, they attend ongoing activities, cultural events and workshops during the traditional school year.

When students reach the 8th grade, the REACH Program staff offers them and their families advice and counseling in choosing a demanding college-preparatory high-school curriculum.

What is the purpose of REACH ?
To motivate and inspire talented African-American young men in the Greater Cleveland area to pursue academic excellence and become life-long learners.

To provide the opportunity for undergraduate, minority college students to experience the joys of teaching, and expose these students to the possibility of a career in education.

The REACH Effect


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    Director of REACH ,Math 7-8, Middle School Football, Varsity Basketball
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