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    In the close-knit community of the Lower School (grades K-5), the youngest members of US explore and interact while acquiring the essential skills for academic success. The theme-based curriculum is tailored to the way young boys learn best. Caring and talented faculty members have a deep knowledge of the subjects they teach and a unique understanding of young boys and their learning styles. 

    Middle School students (grades 6-8) become more independent as they start to question the world around them. The academic program is increasingly challenging as boys are now ready to tackle more abstract concepts.  Our teachers implicitly understand adolescent boys and work hard to provide a structured yet supportive environment in which each boy can build confidence and discover his own ideas and talents. 

    In the Upper School (grades 9-12), the academic program offers a range of subjects within a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. Students hone their abilities to converse intelligently, to think deeply, and to study effectively. The wide offering of electives, independent studies, advanced placement, and college-level courses give US boys an unparalled advantage in college admissions.  In countless interactions with students each day, our teachers give their time, friendship and support to ensure every boy thrives in a community where he is known and loved.