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    Friday, April 25, 2014
    CANCELED Varsity Baseball vs Kirtland - Varsity Baseball
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    7th Grade Football
    7th/8th Grade Cross Country
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    7th/8th Grade Track and Field
    JV A Baseball
    JV B Baseball
    JV Lacrosse
    JV Tennis
    Varsity Baseball
    Varsity Lacrosse
    Varsity Tennis
    Varsity Track and Field
    Athletic Philosophy
    University School's physical education and athletic programs are important components of the overall school curriculum. These programs support the school's philosophy of participation, growth and achievement. We speak openly about and encourage the values of self-discipline, respect for others, integrity, responsibility and sportsmanship. Click here to view the University School Athletic Code of Conduct.

    At the Shaker Campus, the program focuses on developing the individual as a whole. We are especially concerned with developing skills that can be used for a lifetime of activities. The US intramural program is an after school athletic activity for third through sixth grade. The program offers sport specific instruction through age appropriate drills and games. All boys are able to participate regardless of ability or experience. We encourage all boys to demonstrate leadership, learn new skills, and refine existing skills while having an opportunity to interact with their classmates on the athletic fields. The program’s objective is to be an enjoyable, educational experience for all. For seventh and eighth grades, there are “A” and “B” teams in several sports in order to accommodate every boy’s desire to play, and provide him with healthy competition congruent with his ability.

    At the Hunting Valley Campus, the programs reflect the equal importance of physical education and competitive interscholastic sports. In physical education, we strive to teach students the significance of their physical well being and to help them realize their capacities and limitations. The interscholastic program includes varsity, junior varsity, and freshman teams to provide broad participation in sports.