No matter our distance, our mission remains the same.

Due to the current national health emergency, the University School campuses are currently closed until further notice and in compliance with the state of Ohio governor's order. Discover below how we continue to deliver on our mission in which each boy is known and loved.

Continued Connections

Distance learning is a new frontier for many, but one we are eager to chart right alongside our boys as we revisit, refine, and reimagine our curriculum, and our teachers do so on a foundation of trust, respect, and good will built over the course of this year thus far.
Of much more, however, we are certain. 
I am certain that our community is responding to each day’s challenge with grace, resilience, conviction, and sensitivity. Students’, teachers’, parents’, and graduates’ countless ideas to remain connected over the coming weeks, to extend ourselves beyond Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley for the greater good, and to come out of these unprecedented times even stronger than we went in. 

I am most certain of all, however, of our commitment to US. Every email, phone call, text message – every single communication I have shared with every constituency in recent days has brought home to me our community’s abiding faith in our mission. We will continue to update the resources we have established as we navigate together these trying times. Most important, we will, as we have ever and always, strive to do right by the boys in our care.

Patrick T. Gallagher
Head of School

Distance Learning by Division

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  • Lower School (Junior Kindergarten-Grade 5)

    In the Lower School, distance learning will be developmentally appropriate, maintain an instructional routine consistent with research on young children’s learning, and create connections between boys and teachers to support their social-emotional growth. Although several of our young boys are tech-savvy, early childhood educators know the importance of limiting technology and allowing boys to use their head, hands, and heart while constructing knowledge. Through our distance learning activities, teachers have thoughtfully selected activities that will engage boys and help keep pace with our well-rounded curriculum approach. Teachers will be using familiar technology in novel ways, communicating with boys regularly, and encouraging boys to take part in daily exercise and artistic expression. In the Lower School distance learning plan, every boy will continue to be known, loved, and supported.
  • Middle School (Grades 6-8)

    In the Middle School, our distance learning plan is designed with two main goals in mind. We aim to continue to deliver our high-quality curriculum while helping students feel connected to their peers and faculty. Teachers have prepared lessons and activities for each week that will keep students engaged in their learning and ensure they continue to progress through our middle school curriculum. To help students feel connected to our community, we will be offering virtual sponsor group times, fun challenges, House competitions, themed dress days, and morning messages to simulate middle school assemblies. Each student will be supported in his learning and personal growth through access to his sponsors and teachers for live video office hours several times each week. While much will be provided online, many assignments will include offline tasks. We encourage students to spend time away from their screens each day getting physical activity, spending time outside, and engaging in the arts or other creative pursuits. Our distance learning plan provides a blend of structure and flexibility for students and parents and builds on our already strong US relationships.
  • Upper School (Grades 9-12)

    The Upper School aims to blend “synchronous” school and class meetings with “asynchronous” course work to maintain and extend meaningful connections with faculty and peers, and to facilitate engaging learning experiences within and across disciplines. This approach may have us doing things that feel quite familiar, such as attending assembly, talking with classmates, and completing and submitting assignments. It will also lead us to engage with school in ways that might feel new, such as attending virtual class discussions, recording responses to part of an assignment and submitting it in the myUS portal, contributing to an online discussion board, and joining our sponsee group for virtual assemblies.  Virtual sponsor meetings, assemblies, and House gatherings will occur throughout the week so that students and faculty can check in with each other and continue to support each other. This approach to learning and being in community with each other will certainly be different from what we are accustomed to. We will surely learn something new every day, and we are bound to encounter a few difficult moments along the way. So, we will remember to live our Motto every day, to be patient and kind with each other, and to extend grace and understanding as we learn together.

Distance Learning in Action!

Shaker Heights Campus

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Hunting Valley Campus

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