NEO Regional Director, Young Entrepreneur Institute - Hunting Valley Campus

University School is seeking a NEO Regional Director for the Young Entrepreneur Institute. The leadership position of Regional Director is dedicated to the mission of Young Entrepreneur Institute (YEI): Every child should understand and experience entrepreneurship. YEI is one of the leading organizations focused on youth entrepreneurship in the United States. Our 13-year-old organization has a proven, strong track record and its influence and programs are positioned for growth. NEO Regional Director Job Description
YEI boasts dedicated support locally and nationally, and anticipates an exciting era ahead as it realizes its vision of entrepreneurship education and experiences for all young people. Every year, YEI supports hundreds of schools and organizations that in turn provide thousands of children with access to programs that build the entrepreneurial mindset. YEI’s award-winning programs are considered a national model for K – 12 entrepreneurship education.
YEI believes that the success of future generations rests with experiencing entrepreneurship early in life; that entrepreneurship education and experience can make subjects such as math and writing more relevant to students; and that the intangibles necessary to become a successful entrepreneur – perseverance, hard work, managing adversity, overcoming failure, problem solving – directly mirror characteristics necessary for success in life.
This position is responsible for providing overall leadership and vision for YEI’s Northeast Ohio programming, funding, and ensuring its long-term viability and success. The Regional Director oversees implementation of YEI programming and related educator professional development; cultivates, sustains, and manages key organizational partnerships; manages regional YEI staff; and leads fundraising efforts. This position works closely with the YEI Executive Director and other YEI staff to ensure alignment across programs, and nurtures connections with other regional organizations in the entrepreneurship education ecosystem.
This position offers the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of children across our region for a wide-range of economic and social groups and will manage entrepreneur curricular and extracurricular programs for K – 12 students at US. These programs include the Entrepreneur Anderson Scholar Program, school-based competitions, course offerings, and other student opportunities. The Regional Director is a thought leader working with civic organizations, schools, non-profits, funders, and others to impact the future of our region.
Qualified candidates will have: five plus years’ experience managing programs, budgets and fundraising in a nonprofit environment; experience working with or teaching children and managing teams.
Applications, including resume, cover letter, and references, should be submitted to Greg Malkin, Executive Director of the Young Entrepreneur Institute, University School, 2785 SOM Center Road, Hunting Valley, Ohio 44022 or via email at

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