2020 Curricular Initiative


Goal One

While honoring our experiential programs, align the Middle and Upper School course curriculum to accelerate in languages, math, and science before entering high school. In three years, develop and implement interdisciplinary courses for upperclassmen.

  • Ongoing planning by Mathematics and Science Departments
  • Exploring Level 2 language additions in the Middle School
  • Creation of K-8 Scheduling Committee
  • Studying a Middle School & Upper School joint science fair on the Hunting Valley campus
2017-2018 OUTCOMES
  • Integrated math in grades 7 & 8
  • Bio Tech course in the Upper School, French 2 and Latin 2 in the Middle School
  • New schedule on the Shaker Heights campus providing more class time to core subjects 
  • K-8 Makers Space on the Shaker Heights campus

Goal Two

Build on courses and themes in the School that embrace both global awareness and cultural competence, as well as equity and inclusion. This includes the introduction of non-Western history and literature, as well as opportunities for students to broaden their range of experiences and increase their exposure to new ideas. This spans both the local and global, both foreign lands and cross - town neighborhoods.

  • Planning by US History and English Departments
  • Creation of Equity and Inclusion Committee
  • Exploring additional non-Western themes in the Lower School
2017-2018 OUTCOMES
  • World History to 1500 in Grade 9
  • Adding World literature and non-Western literature electives to US English and MS English offerings
  • 2nd Grade Theme on India
  • Statement on Equity and Inclusion

Goal Three

Engage and collaborate across the K-12 continuum and act proactively to customize technology integration for all grade levels and departments, as well as implement tools such as on-line learning in support of the K-12 curriculum.

  • Further on-campus outdoor education opportunities
  • K-12 Technology Committee
  • Collaboration with St. Edward and the Cleveland Clinic
2017-2018 OUTCOMES
  • K-8 Maker Space
  • Tech and Design in Grade 9 Introduction to the Arts

Goal Four

Continue and expand programs that emphasize the ability of students to adapt, learn new skills, and redefine themselves in the face of rapid change.  Implications include comparative, historical, and pluralistic lenses; internships, lab experiences, and trips that reinforces innovation and creativity; and experiential engagement for learning by doing.

  • Exploration of Outdoor Education on many phases
  • Meetings to expand the role of the Young Entrepreneurial Institute
  • Exploring needs due to increased Strnad Fellows and Anderson Scholars
2017-2018 OUTCOMES
  • Lower School garden renovated and utilized in Lower School science curriculum
  • AP Human Geography
  • Increase staff to handle higher volume of Strnad Fellows and Anderson Scholars

Goal Five

Building bridges across every grade and department in the K-12 curriculum, develop a cross-disciplinary knowledge and perspective that can be achieved through faculty collaboration and the creation of interdisciplinary courses and themes.

  • Science Task Force to design an Engineering Course
2017-2018 OUTCOMES
  • K-8 Makers Space
  • Offering Bio-Tech as science elective
  • Offering Mammalogy as an elective
  • Reinventing “Tech Week” in Middle School

Headmaster Rick Bryan

Great schools are great because they don't accept the status quo–they are always moving forward. There is a fresh, renewed spirit here at the school to really challenge our boys to be the best they can be.

2020 Curricular Initiative Committee

Bill O’Neil (Chair)
Jen Beros
Lisa Carroll 
Bob Farrell
Trina Ford
Joe Hollings
Michael Khoury
Brooke Littman
Ellen Rothfusz
Kelly Sherwin
Rebecca Simpson
Mike Smith
Peter Sweeney
Sam Thomas

Sub-Committees & Chairs

Lisa Ulery

Equity and Inclusion
Bruce Wilhelm

K-8 Scheduling
Lisa Carroll & Lindsay Arnoult

Enrollment Marketing
Sara Stephenson

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