Physical Education

Our mission is to provide successful physical experiences for all boys through a curriculum designed to foster and develop the knowledge and values, physical skills, and practices necessary for personal physical fitness and lifetime wellness.
PHYSICAL EDUCATION (“Field”) is an integral part of the educational program at University School that contributes, primarily through movement experiences, to the total growth and development of boys. The physical education curriculum teaches our boys motor and lifetime activity skills while meeting their physical and mental needs. Our selection of developmentally appropriate activities and skills is the core of our program. Early in the physical education experience we focus on the mastery of basic movements. The skills progress to the development and refinement of more complex skills. To learn these skills, it is essential that students participate in a wide variety of physical activities. For this reason, physical education consists of rhythmic, gymnastic, modified sport, swimming and cooperative activities. It is our philosophy that physical education provides boys with the physical skills necessary to engage in a lifetime of physical activity.
The physical education facilities on the Shaker Campus are many and include a football field, two soccer fields, an outside teaching area, a six-lane 400-meter artificial surface track, three baseball fields, eight tennis courts, a double-size gymnasium, a wrestling room and a four lane 25-yard indoor pool.
In the sixth grade major emphasis is placed on refining specialized skills in the main sports and simple game strategies, and introducing lifetime activities and leadership skills. Our program allows each student to develop increased participation in and appreciation for specialized skills and sport activities. The boys have the opportunity to participate in specific sports they may wish to choose at the interscholastic level in seventh and eighth grades. Also an important component of our curriculum at this level is the Outdoor Leadership program, which teaches our boys how to work in groups, communicate and problem solve while participating in activities.
GRADES 7 & 8
The seventh and eighth grade physical education and outdoor leadership curriculum are based on students’ needs and interests. The boys meet for forty minutes twice a week for a trimester each of Physical Education, Outdoor Leadership and Health.
The PHYSICAL EDUCATION curriculum focuses on physical fitness, and recreational and lifetime activities. Our curriculum offers activities in sport games (volleyball, team handball, Tchoukball), fitness activities (aquatic, aerobic activities, weight equipment) and recreational games (inline skating, table tennis).
Our HEALTH program becomes more specialized in the middle school grades. Our curriculum is based on the HECAT: Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool. The boys cover six major topics when they are developmentally appropriate: personal health and wellness, mental and emotional health, nutrition for health, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, violence and safety, and sexual health.
The OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP program in seventh grade provides the boys with challenges that they must work in groups to solve. The activities in which they participate keep their feet on the ground, but allow their ideas and teamwork to flourish. The eighth grade program centers on building trust among the boys by putting them in situations in which they must lift or spot one another from one point to the next. They are challenged to become leaders in different situations throughout the trimester. 

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