Young boys have boundless energy and a natural tendency to explore and discover. Our program invites, inspires, and cultivates a boy’s curiosity. University School understands boys and how they best learn.

A Journey of Learning Through Themes

Themes tell a story—the story of castles and knights, the story of a rainforest, the story of the stars and the sky. Themes engage young learners and send them on a journey. The voyage is always an intellectual one, but is also an authentic experience in which knowledge takes on meaning.

Themes in kindergarten are generated by the interests of the students and vary from year to year. Past investigations include the desert, oceans, and the rainforest. The year ends with a theme related to medieval life and castles. This theme is explored for several weeks in the spring and culminates with a knighting ceremony and medieval feast. Boys build a castle in their classroom, become an apprentice to a skilled worker, design their own castles, and become knights.

A theme stretches over every part of the kindergarten day. This starts with explorations at the beginning of the year where the learning is guided and shaped by the boys’ interests. Themes grow and evolve into a detailed, multi- dimensional study of the topic and are threaded through every discipline making learning seamless. By blending and integrating all subjects, themes reduce the tendency to compartmentalize learning. They enrich learning by making it more natural, more connected, and more purposeful. 

Kindergarten Admission Director

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Our Teachers Love What They Do

US teachers are attuned to the needs, pace, rhythm, and strengths of boys and their learning.  Our teachers’ passion and creativity are contagious and make our themes come alive.  Their commitment to students extends far beyond the classroom.  They are mentors, coaches, and tireless supporters of the boys.

A Boys School

Schools for boys focus with intention on learning that addresses not only how to excel in academics but also how to grow into a young man of integrity and empathy.
•  We understand and celebrate boys.
•  We know that boys develop and learn in different ways.
•  We teach in ways that boys learn best.
•  We help students discover and explore their full potential.
•  We foster brotherhood and lifelong friendships.
•  We seek first to build good men.
Information compiled by the International Boys School Coalition.

At US, a "House" is a Home

The House system is the heart of our School, bonding boys together across all grades for friendship and support. Boys in the same House share a sense of spirit and pride across the community.  Our youngest boys form bonds with senior buddies, providing a role model they will always cherish.  Service and stewardship of the campus is an integral part of the House system, with students working together to be responsible.  On Founders’ Day, the Houses gather for camaraderie, celebration, and friendly competition.  The House system is a central part of the student experience.

Affordability & Access

If a student is the right fit for our school, our goal is to make the cost of tuition the right fit for his family. Learn more about how US is making independent education accessible by visiting

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University School serves 870 boys in Junior Kindergarten to grade 12 on two campuses in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. The School’s mission is to inspire boys of promise to become young men of character who lead and serve. Dedicated faculty, rigorous curriculum, and experiential programs foster intellectual, physical, creative, and moral excellence.