What does the Annual Fund Support?

The US Annual Fund supports faculty compensation and professional development, enabling US to attract, develop, and retain outstanding teachers.  

2018-2019 Goal: $3.2 million

Along with providing competitive salaries for teachers, the Annual Fund supports faculty grants, so teachers can pursue professional development opportunities that contribute significantly to their growth in their area of service.  These awards support a wide range of activities such as conferences and workshops, curriculum development projects, graduate studies, or independent projects to study or write.  They can take place locally or across the globe.

Take Advantage of New Tax Laws

With the stock market at record levels, it is a great time to make a gift of appreciated securities. If you have held stock, mutual funds or other securities for over one year and the value of those securities has risen, you may donate those appreciated securities to a charity like US. You will receive a double tax benefit: (1) avoidance of any capital gains tax that would be due if you were to sell the securities, and (2) if you itemize (see above), a tax deduction for the fair market value of those securities. Even if you do not itemize and are not able to deduct the amount of the gift, the capital gains tax will be avoided.


Because the standard deduction has been increased, fewer donors will itemize and be able to take advantage of the charitable deduction. However, if you are close to the threshold for taking the standard deduction, you may be able to get a tax break for your donations by employing a strategy called bundling. To bundle gifts, you would make two or more years’ worth of donations in a single year so that the total of all your other deductible expenses will be enough to itemize that year. Then, you would skip donating for the next year and return to taking the standard deduction.

The concern with bundling is that, although this strategy will provide a tax break for you, it results in an inconsistent income stream to the charity. However, you might consider making a bundled donation to a donor-advised fund, deduct the entire amount of the gift in that year, and direct the donor-advised fund to make distributions to the charity over the next few years. In this way, you are able to take the charitable deduction and provide a consistent income stream to the charity. Of course, you may also make donations in “off” years while taking the standard deduction.
Donor Advised Funds may be set up through a variety of financial services organizations and community organizations. Be aware that certain rules and restrictions may apply, and fees may be assessed. However, DAFs are often flexible about accepting both cash and non-cash gifts and can be a great way to involve future generations in philanthropy.

The Impact of your Gift

  • Over the past decade, US has increased faculty compensation by $1.25 million, moving from the bottom quartile among our peer schools to the regional leader; $1 million of that increase came from Annual Fund growth

  • Over the past six years, 112 faculty have participated in at least one professional development experience.  These experiences took place in more than 60 cities, in 11 countries on 6 continents.

  • Over the past three years, US has increased professional development funds by almost 50%

    This progress would not have been possible without the generous support of our community!  Help us continue the positive trajectory by making an Annual Fund gift in support of US faculty.

    Annual Fund Leaders

    2018-2019 Annual Fund Chair
    Andrew L. Kline ’94
    2018-2019 Tower Society Chair
    Jeff Malbasa ’99

    2018-2019 Parent Chairs
    Rebecca and David Heller
    (Ben ’16 and Sam ’21)

    Annual Fund Office

    Suzanne Gaul
    Director of the Annual Fund
    (216) 292-2147

    Kaitlin Heisler
    Assistant Director of the Annual Fund
    (216) 292-2156

    Teresa Bell
    Annual Fund Assistant
    (216) 292-2147

    Tower Society Giving Levels

    List of 2 frequently asked questions.

    • Leadership Giving Circles

      Founders $50,000+ 
      Anderson $25,000-$49,999
      Peters $18,900-$24,999
      McKinley $10,000-$18,899
      Maroon & Black $5,000-$9,999
      Main $2,000-$4,999
    • Young Alumni Tower Society

      2000-2004 $1,000+
      2005-2009 $500+
      2010-2014 $250+
      2015 $100+
      2016 $75+
      2017 $50+
      2018 $25+

    Stock Gift Options

    Get Involved!

    Join the more than 200 parents, alumni, and friends who volunteer for the Annual Fund each year.  For more information, contact Annual Fund Director Suzanne Gaul at sgaul@us.edu or 216-292-2147.

    Maximize your gift!

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    GRADES Junior K-8
    Phone: 216-321-8260

    Hunting Valley Campus

    2785 SOM Center Road
    Hunting Valley, Ohio 44022
    GRADES 9-12
    Phone: 216-831-2200
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