Academic Support

We are committed to providing a rigorous academic program that includes the appropriate supports for each of our students. We have Learning Specialists at each division who, upon referral from classroom teachers or sponsors, are called upon to offer services ranging from one-on-one support to short-term consultation with students, teachers and parents. If a student has been identified with a diagnosed learning difference, a formal learning plan is put into place by the learning team for supports and accommodations in the classroom. The level of support varies by division, and as developmentally appropriate.

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Lower School

    • Small group reading interventions using research-based, multi-sensory instruction in phonemic awareness, encoding, decoding, and/or word study. 
    • Handwriting support using Handwriting Without Tears program (K-2)
    • Small group and/or push-in support for written expression
    • Small group math interventions 
    • Support with reading comprehension 
    • Reading fluency interventions 
    • Executive Function Support  
      • Locker check-ins for organization/materials management (grade 5)
      • Small group Study Hall support to increase time management, self-advocacy, and/or planning/prioritizing (grade 5)
      • Collaborating with teachers by creating materials for students to use in their classroom to assist different executive functions
    • Extended time, up to time and a half
    • Electronic book resources 
    • Small group, quiet testing
    • LEARNING SPECIALISTS: Alyx Voytilla 
  • Middle School

    • Management of formal accommodations (extended time on assessments, up to time and a half, small group, quiet testing, electronic book resources)
    • Organizational and instructional support
    • Study skills support
    • Test taking skills
    • Consultations with teachers and sponsors
  • Upper School

    • Management of formal accommodations (extended time on assessments, up to time and a half, small group, quiet testing, electronic book resources, preferential seating)
    • Assistance with learning and test taking strategies
    • Coordination of accommodations with standardized testing boards (PSAT, SAT, AP, ACT)
    • Assistance with applying for accommodations at chosen college or university
    • Organizational support
    • LEARNING SPECIALISTS: Katherine Radwancky and Erin Peron
It is assumed that every student who is enrolled at University School is able to meet the School's academic expectations. For this reason, we will make reasonable accommodations, but do not change the academic standards for boys on learning plans. For more information, contact the division Learning Specialist, listed in the dropdowns above.

Our mission

The Learning Specialists at University School support the students, faculty, and parents in the education of boys with identified learning differences. We do the following:
  • Help classroom teachers understand learning differences and how their classrooms can accommodate those boys.
  • Advocate on behalf of boys with learning differences so that they can work to their potential.
  • Help boys understand their learning difference and how it impacts their learning, continue to develop self-advocacy skills, and develop a toolbox of strategies based on their strengths.
  • Work with parents to understand the learning profile of their sons and how to best support them at home.

We Promote

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Determination
  • Self Advocacy
  • Accountability

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