Independent Projects

University School students are encouraged to pursue a course of study in a variety of disciplines and to continue in those disciplines beyond the minimum requirements of the school. In addition to AP courses, independent research options are available in all disciplines through fellowship programs and internships. 

Strnad Fellowship

University School's Strnad Fellowship Program was established by Mr. and Mrs. James J. Strnad in 1968 to stimulate and recognize creative inquiry. The program enables juniors and seniors with an outstanding ability and passionate interest in a particular area to pursue advanced independent projects. Students have worked in biomedical engineering, medical research, and built a hydroelectric generator. They have designed furniture, created jewelry, composed music, produced films, and pursued countless other projects.  

Anderson Scholars Program

The Anderson Scholars Program enables a student to pursue his passion with structure, rigor, and depth throughout his high school career. With guidance from an advisor, an Anderson Scholar participates in an individualized program that connects course work with significant experiences outside the walls of the school.

In his sophomore (Humanities) or freshman (Science Research and Entrepreneurship) year, an interested student submits an application and is interviewed. If he is selected as an Anderson Scholar candidate, he will pursue an individualized program for the remainder of his high school years. The Anderson Scholars program is designed to give additional context and substance to University School curricular requirements.

Byrnes Scholar Program

Through the new Byrnes Scholar Program, students will develop ideas to solve social problems, learn from nonprofits and organizations working on related issues, and gain hands-on knowledge through internships and start-up experiences.
The Byrnes Scholars Program in Social Entrepreneurship & Civic Engagement enables students to pursue a passion for finding creative solutions that address social issues with structure, rigor, and depth throughout their high school career. With guidance from an advisor, Byrnes Scholars pursue an individualized program that connects course work with significant experiences outside the walls of the school.

Davey Fellowship

Thanks to an endowment in the name of Hugh Davey’64, the Davey Fellowship in Creative Writing provides students with the opportunity to pursue creative writing beyond the curricular offerings of the school. The Davey Fellowship is open to students in 11th and 12th grades who have demonstrated a strong interest in creative writing. 

Junior Research Fellowship

Through the Junior Research Fellowship program, individuals or groups of students in grades 6-8 who have a passionate interest, are performing well in the classroom and show task commitment capabilities may pursue high-level research on a chosen topic. 

Working with a consultant, each Fellow will assume the role of a first-hand inquirer thinking, feeling and acting like a practicing professional in a discipline. Research topics may be an extension of the curriculum in a certain class, a related topic not covered in the Middle School curriculum, or a creative, new initiative that the student has a desire to explore. The research that each Fellow conducts must lead him into a new realm of learning.

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