Adventures Program

Our after-school Adventures program provides enrichment, fun and care for US boys after the school day ends, from 3:30 to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Boys can pursue a specific interest through CLUBS, SPORTS, and MUSIC options. Or they can choose our care program which provides opportunities for younger boys to interact through games, activities, and outside play; and for older boys to enjoy quiet time to read and complete homework. 

It is our goal to provide a varied and rich after-school experience for students. Structured and unstructured play is a great way for boys to grow as independent learners. Led by experienced staff who understand boys, Adventures is an excellent option for your son's after-school needs.

Adventures CARE

We will be offering Adventures CARE for every full day of school for the 2020-2021 school year beginning on Tuesday, September 8, 2020. Our CARE program is open from the end of the school day until NO LATER than 6 pm.

Boys in kindergarten through grade 4 will receive a healthy snack, and then have some quiet play or homework time. They will be able to go outside, weather dependent, or play games and work on crafts inside.
Older boys in grade 5 through 8 complete their homework first, and then have the opportunity to play interactive games or enjoy quiet time. On nice days, they may play outside. Activities are varied and reflect the the interest of the boys. 

To provide after-school care during the pandemic, we have adjusted our normal operations with these specific guidelines:
  • CARE will not accept drop-in options. Due to our safety protocols, you will not be able to use CARE if you have not signed up in advance. To offer CARE safety, we will arrange boys into specific cohorts each day.
  • Due to Ohio regulations, this year we will not offer Adventures CARE for students below the age of 5.


Would your son like to play soccer or flag football after school?  Would he like to learn to play chess, build rockets or become a graphic designer?

Our after-school Adventures program offers Adventures CLUBS, Adventures SPORTS and Adventures MUSIC! These optional opportunities, some virtual and some on-campus, allow boys to have unique and interesting experiences outside of Adventures CARE. Adventures CLUBS and Adventures MUSIC are available on specific days of the week and run for 8 weeks, while Adventures SPORTS are twice a week for 6 weeks. CLUBS and SPORTS options vary dependent on the fall, winter, or spring seasons. 

Full club and activity descriptions can be found on our registration page.

Adventures CARE Fees

Families can sign up for as many days per week as they need and can choose weekly, monthly, trimester, or yearly options. We will not be accepting a drop-in option this year, and boys will be arranged in specific cohorts each day.  

All but the weekly option offer the opportunity to sign up for a specific number of days per week. We do ask that you pick the day, so we can expect your son. Weekly options do not require you to choose days as we will reserve his spot all week, whether he is present or not. Due to our safety protocols, you will not be able to use CARE if you have not signed up in advance.

Due to state regulations, this year we will not offer Adventures CARE for students below the age of 5.

Adventures CARE Fees Kindergarten - Grade 4 
Number of Days
All Year
5 days/week
4 days/week
3 days/week
2 days/week
1 day/week

Adventures CARE Fees Grade 5 - 8 
Number of Days
All Year
5 days/week
4 days/week
3 days/week
2 days/week
1 day/week

TO REGISTER, please note:
To register for Adventures CARE, choose “After School Adventures 2020-2021.” Once you have your son’s information entered (or for those who already have an account), choose Adventures CARE program. You will first select the number of days per week you plan to use the program. Once selected, you will have to choose the specific days (eg. Tuesday and Thursday) you are planning to have your son in CARE and the length of time (eg, Fall Trimester or the month of September, etc.) you plan to use it. 

Common Questions

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  • How is this program different?

    We are now offering more dynamic, and varied after-school options to meet the needs and interests of our students and families. Adventures CARE is still available from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm, and now families have additional options, such as Adventures CLUBS, Adventures SPORTS, and Adventures MUSIC. These programs run concurrently with our traditional Adventures CARE.
  • What time does Adventures CARE begin and end?

    Adventures CARE starts at 3:30 pm and ends at 6:00 pm. Day rates cover the entire program from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm.
  • How do I register for Adventures and where do I find information about specific clubs and sports?

    Participation in Adventures requires you to sign into a registration site. You need only set up an account one time. Many families are already registered in the site if they previously participated in summer programs or camps, and should use that login information. Program details are listed and can be chosen a la carte and populate a shopping cart. You will only be able to see and register for those programs that are open to your son’s grade. Payment is by credit card or check. Creating an account only needs to be done once and accounts are secure and available for future after-school and summer camp opportunities.
  • Why are there fee options for Adventures CARE?

    The fee structure is set up so that families pay only for what they use. Adventures CARE has long-term discounted options by day(s) of the week, as well as a “drop in” option which bills at 15-minute increments. So, if your son is in a club until 4:30 pm, and needs care after, he can go to Adventures CARE until he is picked up and pay only for the time he is present.
  • I know there are other US sports programs, how do I understand the differences?

    US offers other sports options for boys depending on age, interest and skill.

    For boys in seventh grade and above, we have a dynamic and varied Interscholastic Sports program. This is part of the school tuition and sports are required as part of a University School education. They meet 5 days a week and boys play in games against other area schools.

    Adventures SPORTS are for boys in grades 3-6 and are coached by US teachers and coaches. Adventures SPORTS options meet twice a week after school. They are a great way for your son to be introduced to a sport or to build skills in that sport. Adventures SPORTS emphasize skill building and fun games to create an enjoyable and challenging experience. This can help boys prepare for future athletic experiences and meet the coaches they might one day have.

    Play for US is a parent-run sports opportunity that gives boys an opportunity to participate with their classmates in sports’ leagues against teams from other schools. Games can happen on weekends, or in the evenings. It is possible for a boy to participate in Play for US and Adventures SPORTS. Play for US practice times and game times vary depending on parent availability.
  • I registered and I found only a few clubs listed?

    The software that we use for registration automatically determines your son’s age and filters what is available. If a club or sport does not appear, that means it is restricted by age and your son is too young or too old. We notify families by email when fall, winter, and spring offerings become available.
  • Are music lessons available?

    This program is being developed; currently we offer piano lessons. We will notify parents by email when new Adventures MUSIC lessons are available.
  • Why is there a fee for Adventures?

    Because after-school care is optional, there has always been a fee paid by those families who use it. Families have requested that we add dynamic, interest-specific options for their sons’ after-school care. Although we do our best to keep the cost nominal, fees are necessary to attract good instructors and offer varied and interesting programming. Our teachers and other highly qualified instructors run the club, sports and music options, and are compensated for their time. Fees do not apply to some after-school programs, such as interscholastic sports in seventh and eighth grades, and are included in the school tuition. Families only incur a cost if they need additional care after those programs conclude. Our goal is to create convenient, on campus programming for boys who need to stay or want to stay and participate in it. This is all optional of course.

Auxiliary Programs Director

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Adventures CLUBS

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Adventures SPORTS

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Adventures MUSIC

All MUSIC meets once a week for 30-minute blocks for sessions now until winter break. Lessons are $30 per block.

There are available 30-minute piano lessons slots, Weekly lessons take place from now until the middle of May.

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