Senegal: 10 days of discovery in West Africa

July 2018
This tour was designed to stimulate students and to jump-start their lives as young adults. Our goal is to give students first-hand insight into the complex issues that plague the human family. The big topics are obvious: race, racism & poverty. What is less obvious are the impacts of gender, religion, history (colonialism) climate, geography, and ecology on the equality of human beings and on our culture - and it’s by immersing ourselves in Senegal that we will explore these topics.
Over a ten-day period we’ll delve into a multitude of topics giving students insight into our world. It’s a journey that will challenge them to be more introspective, appreciative and hopeful.

One of West Africa’s most stable nations, Senegal is a perfect destination to make a first contact with the African continent. Being an area with no extreme climate conditions, welcoming people and passable infrastructure, Senegal is often considered a “soft Africa." Less touristy and perhaps not as attractive or glamorous as some other African countries, Senegal is definitely not a country to see, but rather, to feel. It’s an ideal destination for students.

We will land in Senegal's capital, Dakar, and use the city as a base to take day trips to discover more of the country and its people. Highlights will include Mbour, which is known for its fish market; Joal and Fadiouth, Christian and Muslim sister towns; the Benedictine Abbey of Keur Moussa; and Lake Retba, the amazing Pink Lake. The trip to the Island of Goree will be a lesson in the history of slavery, as it was the largest slave-trading center on the African coast from the 15th to the 19th centuries.

As we explore the country, we will move to the music that is everywhere - in the streets, markets, and restaurants. We will also experience firsthand Senegal's famous hospitality and openness to people with different cultural backgrounds.

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