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Student Scientists Excel

Middle and Upper School students achieve honors at science fairs.

Buckeye Science and Engineering Fair 
Upper School students presented their science research at the Buckeye Science & Engineering Fair in March. Congratulations to Niklas Rietsch '25, one of only six students chosen to represent Ohio at the Regeneron International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) for his research "The Role of Neuronal Primary Cilia in Alzheimer's Disease." The Regeneron ISEF is the world's largest and most prestigious science fair.

Niklas, along with Daniel Lust '25 and Justice Arai '24 received awards from the United States Air Force, and Ryan Wang '25 received a Naval Science Award.

Ohio Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS)
Twenty-four Upper School students presented their research at this year's JSHS in Columbus in March. Congratulations to Justice Arai ‘24, Vishwum Kapadia ‘25, Anshul Sharma ‘26, and Ryan Wang ‘25 who are four of the only five students chosen to represent Ohio at the National JSHS this May.

Justice Arai ‘24 received 1st place for his research, "Designing and Testing UAV Propellers with Serrated Trailing and Leading Edges Inspired by Nocturnal Owl Flight to Reduce Noise and Improve Aerodynamic Performance."

Anshul Sharma ‘26 received 2nd place for his research, "The Impact of Social Vulnerability Index Changes on Overall and Race-Specific Prostate Cancer One-Year Survival Over a 20-Year Period (2000-2020)."

Ryan Wang ‘25 received 3rd place for his research "Development of Persistent DNA Vectors for Safe and Lasting Non-viral Gene Therapies."

Vishwum Kapadia ‘25 received 5th place for his research, "Significance of Dicrotic Notch Index in Patients Undergoing Transcatheter Edgeto-Edge Repair."

Additionally, Gavin Sheppard ’25 was named the Best Poster Winner for his research "Predicting WAR (Wins-Above-Replacement) in Major League Baseball."

The JSHS engages and publicly recognizes high school students conducting research in the STEM fields. At the Ohio regional JSHS, individual students compete for scholarships and recognition by presenting the results of their original research efforts before a panel of judges and an audience of their peers.

Ohio Academy of Science Local Science Day
In January, US hosted the Ohio Academy of Science Local Science Day. Over 60 Upper and Middle School students presented their scientific research and engineering design projects to captivated judges. 

In the Upper School division, Manzili Denis ’24 took 1st place honors, Zain Anwar ’25 earned 2nd place, and Ryan Wang ‘25 and Kingsten Lin ‘25 tied for 3rd place. The Dan T. Moore Innovation Prize was awarded to Kingsten Lin ‘25 and the Northeast Ohio Science & Engineering Prize went to Anshul Sharma ’26 and Niklas Rietsch ’25.

In the Middle School division, Quentin Dengler '28 took 1st place, Leo DiSanto '28 received 2nd place, and Jakob Bilger '28 earned 3rd place. Connor Shank '28 earned the Dan T. Moore Prize for Innovation.
    • Anshul Sharma '26, Ryan Wang '25, Vishwum Kapadia '25, and Justice Arai '25 at the Ohio JSHS.JSHS

    • Justice Arai '24, Daniel Lust '25, and Niklas Rietsch '25 receive awards from the U.S. Air Force at the Buckeye Science and Engineering Fair.

    • Ryan Wang '25 receives a Naval Science Award at the Buckeye Science and Engineering Fair.

    • Middle and Upper School scientists at Local Science Day at US.

    • Local Science Day Upper School awardees: Manzili Denis ’24, Zain Anwar ’25, Ryan Wang ‘25, and Kingsten Lin ‘25.

    • Local Science Day Middle School awardees: Jakob Bilger '28, Leo DiSanto '28, and Quentin Dengler '28.

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