Middle School Spelling Champs

Nicky DiTirro ’25 won the middle school Spelling Bee, progressing to round 15, the Championship Round, where he spelled “eclampsia" correctly to become the champion. For 14 exciting rounds, nine boys spelled challenging words and were slowly eliminated, leaving Nicky and Braedon Olsen ‘23 to battle it out for several back-and-forth final rounds.
Because participants in the Cuyahoga County Spelling Bee must be in seventh or eighth grade, Braedon Olsen represented US at the County Bee in late February, where he placed second out of 37 spellers. Conquering words like microbial, magnanimous, babushka, serendipity, serenity, belligerent, and mayonnaise, Braedon was competitive right to the end in the Bee which spanned for more than three hours.
    • Nicky DiTirro '25 and Braedon Olsen '23