Clubs and activities

At University School, learning extends beyond classtime as students engage in a variety of clubs and activities. Students are able to choose membership in groups that best meet their interest and goals. Younger students simulate space missions, start businesses, or learn how to code while high school boys can handle investment portfolios, participate in mock trials, or produce the school newspaper. Our experienced faculty and staff oversee the more than 75 clubs and activities.

New for 2018!

Our after school Adventures program for grades junior kindergarten through grade 8, now offers new Adventures CLUBS and Adventures SPORTS.  These enhanced opportunities allow boys to have unique and interesting experiences outside of Adventures CARE. Adventures CLUBS are available on specific days of the week and run for 8 weeks, while Adventures SPORTS are twice a week for 12 weeks. CLUBS and SPORTS options vary dependent on the fall, winter, or spring seasons.  Learn more about our Adventures program.

Upper School (Grades 9-12)

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  • Academic Challenge

    Students participate in interscholastic competitions in academic subjects ranging from history, science and math to arts and literature.
  • Anderson Scholars Program

    The Anderson Scholars Program enables students to pursue a passion with structure, rigor and depth. Scholars concentrate in science or entrepreneurship.
  • Aurelian Society

    Students assist with the identification, promotion and coordination of various community engagement opportunities in the Greater Cleveland area.
  • Book Club

    Students choose a book to read and meet quarterly for dinner and discussion.
  • Cadmean Society

    Students help at events such as athletic contests, plays and open houses and often provide leadership for school-wide service projects.
  • Davey Fellowships in Creative Writing

    Davey Fellowships enable boys of special literary promise to undertake extensive projects in fiction, drama and poetry writing.
  • Entrepreneur Cup

    Participants in the Entrepreneur Cup competition develop an idea for a new business and create a plan to launch and build it. Students do not actually have to launch a business to enter or win the friendly competition.

  • Film Society

    The film society promotes interest in film as a medium, meeting most Fridays after school to watch movies.
  • Financial Literacy Club

    The Financial Literacy Club is open to any student interested in learning about different aspects of financial literacy including personal finance and investing. Topics are chosen based on members’ areas of interest. Students learn through guest speakers, group discussion and other resources.
  • Great Lakes Sailing Adventure

    Students on this summer trip will experience a nineteenth-century maritime environment that makes living on board the U.S. Brig Niagara an education in itself.
  • Investment Club

    Students actively participate in a simulated stock market competition, investing virtual money in the real stock market.
  • The Island School

    Science Anderson Scholars candidates in tenth grade can snorkel, kayak, perform research and more in Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas during spring break.
  • Life Act

    Students raise awareness of adolescent depression and suicide by educating their peers and encouraging at-risk students to seek help.
  • LoPresti Philanthropic Board

    Students learn the institutional skills necessary for philanthropy, raise funds for their philanthropic goals, and solicit grants to help those in need. The emphasis is on helping underserved children in the Greater Cleveland area, with an emphasis on education.

  • Mabian Yearbook

    Students produce the school yearbook, which has been published every year since 1919.
  • Mock Trial

    Students in Mock Trial practice for and participate in this statewide organization that helps students learn about the United States trial system.
  • Multicultural Organization (MCO)

    The MCO is an umbrella organization that promotes interest in and provides information about the diverse cultures represented in our school.
  • Outdoor Adventure Club

    Outdoor Adventure Club meets in the campus rock climbing room and takes excursions to local parks for a variety of outdoor pursuits that vary depending on the season.
  • Outdoor Projects

    Students work on a nature trail, a full-fledged fish hatchery, a trout farm, a maple-syrup industry or several foresting and erosion control projects.
  • Philosophy Club

    Philosophy Club serves as a forum for students interested in reading, debating, and learning about various schools of thought from Rationalism to Existentialism and beyond.
  • The Record

    The Record showcases students’ creative writing and original artwork.
  • Robotics Team

    Boys will compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge, where they design, build, and program their robot in a 10-week build period to compete in an alliance format against other teams.
  • Rocketry Club

    Boys compete in TARC, a national rocketry contest sponsored by major AeroSpace firms to promote engineering and science career paths. Students also will work on their own rocketry projects throughout the year.
  • Science Olympiad

    Science Olympiad promotes interest in science through participation in local and state-wide competition.
  • Ski Club

    US boys are joined by girls from Hathaway Brown and Laurel Schools to ski at Boston Mills every Friday in January and February.
  • Speech and Debate

    Members of Speech and Debate develop their oratorical and analytical skills and compete against students from other schools.
  • Stock Market Challenge

    Student teams receive a virtual $100,000 and simulate managing a portfolio by buying and selling stocks at real-time prices.
  • Strnad Fellowships

    Strnad Fellowships include yearlong projects of significant original research that are presented to the student body at the end of the senior year.
  • Student Discipline Committee

    Elected representatives from every class advise the administration on disciplinary matters and help educate the student body on the school’s Code of Conduct.
  • Student Event Committee

    A selected group of 10th-12th grade students who help plan and execute all of the school’s student events, including the Homecoming Dance, a winter performance show, and Prom.
  • Student Investment Committee

    A select group of students review and consider new investments for a portion of the University School investment portfolio.
  • Theatre

    The Theatre Department presents a fall play in November and a spring musical in May. Accommodations are made for athletes and local high school girls to participate.
  • US News

    Students produce the US News, the oldest school newspaper in Ohio, which is published online once a month.
  • US Pitch Cup

    US Pitch Cup participants formulate a business idea, produce a 60-90 second elevator pitch video, and submit it online. The competition culminates with a live presentation before a panel of judges. Prizes will be awarded to the top three pitches.
  • University Sports Programming Network (USPN)

    An online streaming platform for sports games allows students to produce, direct and serve as on-air commentators for US athletic contests.
  • Young Entrepreneur Institute

    Students discover and explore their passion for business through a wide range of activities.

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

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Lower School (Grades K-5)

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  • Art Club (Grades 1-3)

    Boys study a variety of artists and create works of art inspired by these artists.
  • Chess Club (Grades 1-5)

    Boys in Chess Club learn the basic rules and principles, tactical themes and checkmate strategies in a supportive environment. The time is divided between instruction and supervised open chess play.
  • Coding Club (Grades K-1)

    Boys learn to problem solve and be creative using various materials, collaborating with peers, and experimenting with trial and error.
  • Cooking Around the Continents (Grades 1-3)

    In Cooking Around the Continents, young chefs explore the recipes, ingredients and cooking styles of different cultures around the world.
  • History, Traditions, and Manners (Grades 2-3)

    Students experience US history and traditions, tour parts of the Lower School not usually seen by the boys, and practice table manners during a club breakfast.
  • French Club (Grades 2-4)

    This club introduces and exposes students to French language, culture and cuisine.
  • Graphic Design Club (Grades 4-5)*

    Boys learn art in an amazing medium - the computer! Boys work with professional design programs to create a personalized brand, including logo design, illustration, and marketing.

    *This offering is part of our Adventures CLUBS.
  • Green Team (Grades 3-5)*

    Students apply the school motto of Responsibility, Loyalty, and Consideration to environmental issues.

    *This offering is part of our Adventures CLUBS.
  • Hour of Code (Grades 2-3, 4-5)

    Boys in “Hour of Code” learn more about how technology works and how to create software applications.
  • Lemonade Day (Grades 3-5)

    Students gain a thorough understanding of business, entrepreneurship and investment through creating and running a lemonade stand. The Club includes a field trip and selling event.
  • Mandarin Club (Grades 3-5)

    The Lower School and Middle School Mandarin Clubs introduce and expose students to the Mandarin language and calligraphy.
  • Maple Sugaring (Grades 4-8)

    Students participate in all steps of maple syrup production: set up buckets, tap trees, collect and boil sap, and label bottles. Taste testing included!
  • Marble Run Mania (Grades 2-3)

    Boys construct and engineer marble runs with a variety of materials, working in groups to revise through trial and error.
  • Math Club (Grades 3-4)

    Boys who love mysteries and solving logic problems in creative and fun ways gather for challenging math games and puzzles.
  • Mathematics and Problem Solving Contest (Grades 5-6)

    In teams of 4, students prepare for and participate in The Greater Cleveland Council of Teachers Mathematics and Problem Solving Competition that promotes enthusiasm for mathematics while celebrating achievement.

  • National Geographic Bee (Grades 4-8)

    Students prepare for and participate in a nationwide competition for U.S. schools designed to encourage the teaching and study of geography.
  • Paper Creations (Grades 1-4)

    Students explore origami, kirigami, pop-ups, collage and paper airplanes in this club for boys who love to craft and create.
  • Rocketry Club (Grades 4-5)

    Boys in Rocketry Club build and launch model rockets. This Club is designed for beginners.
  • Spanish Club (Grades 3-5)

    Boys  have the opportunity to explore language and culture. They practice Spanish, eat foods from Spanish-speaking countries, and learn what life is like around the Spanish-speaking world. Guests from other countries visit and answer questions.
  • Spelling Bee Club (Grades 4-5)

    In the Spelling Bee Club, boys who want to be in the annual school-wide spelling bee meet to practice and prepare.
  • Triathlon Club (Grades 1-5)*

    Boys practice swim, bike, run, and transitions to put it all together and do a triathlon.

    *This offering is part of our Adventures CLUBS.
  • Unplugged Game Club (Grades 1-3)*

    An after-school Club for fun, learning and playing a variety of games that involve strategy, problem solving and learning.

    *This offering is part of our Adventures CLUBS.
  • VOICES, Creative Arts Journal (Grades 2-5)

    VOICES, the lower school creative arts journal, publishes excellent writing and artwork submitted by boys in grades 2-5 and selected and edited by fifth graders.

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